technology, culture, cold war, ufos
the genome of the flying saucer ufo-like aerospace vehicles


were there WWII german saucers?


smokey stover, the foo fighter
paper threat the 1946 ghost rocket incidents     the 1947 saucer wave roswell: the prequel dow chemical and the scientific analysis of ufo material manmade saucers and the quest for vertical takeoff   the "world-circling spaceship" and the chiles-whitted case archetypal engineering atomic planes and radioactive ufos how we wonder what you are... green fireballs over los alamos roswell: the sequel 1949: mythos rising it came from minneapolis ufos and US air defense

apocalypse with saucers: a 1951 religious tract


AVRO ... Canada's Saucer Projects the kinross aircraft disappearance ordered to quit by the men in black ulam's atomic saucer kelly's angels


the senator richard russell ufo incident


indiana jones ... and the mystery of the silver bug german saucers, part two major chase: the rb-47 ufo incident soviet aerospace developments and the ufo era agile as a witch's cat: pye wacket lenticular reentry vehicles