1948 RAND UFO Study


SUBJECT: Request for Study by Rand Project

[Date stamp maybe Oct 12 or Oct 22] OCT 12 1948

THRU: Chief of Staff
United States Air Force
Washington 25, D. C.

TO: Chief of Staff
United States Air Force
Washington 25, D. C.

1. It is requested that the special study, described in the
inclosure be approved and the Rand Corporation be authorized to establish
a study of 3A priority, consistent in scope and degree of treatment with
the described requirements.

2. It is further requested that Air Material Command be assigned
to monitor the project in conformance with Air Corps Letter 80-10, 21
July 1948, Section 3, Paragraph J.


/s/ W. R. Clingerman
Exhibit "A" Colonel, USAF
Project Sign Actg Chief of Intelligence Department
Study Requirements

cc: Colonel Fillars [Fillars, Pillars,?]



Project Sign Study Requirements

The possibility that some of the unidentified aerial object that have
been reported both in the United States and in foreign lands may have
been experimental spaceships, or test vehicles for the purpose of
assisting in the development of spaceships, has been given consideration
by this Command.

If such craft actually have been sighted, it is believed more likely
that they represent the effort of a foreign nation, rather than a product
from beyond the Earth.

Present world knowledge, techniques and resources are probably
adequate to meet the requirements for spaceship constructions, or at
least to establish the preliminary experimental foundation for such an
accomplishment in the near future.

In any case, the design and performance parameters of the craft
would necessarily be in conformance and consistent with the established
principles of our science.

To assist in the collection of information, relating to unidentified
aerial objects that may possibly represent spaceships or spaceship test
vehicless, and to assist in the analysis and evaluation of such reported
craft, technical information that includes the distinguishing design and
performance parameters for spaceships is considered necessary.

While such information is contained outright, or implicitly, in the
series of Rand Project reports, it would be much value to this Command
to have a list of the [???] design and performance characteristics
that are believed to distinguish spaceships, together with any
further scientific clues that might assist in their detection and
identification, prepared by Rand scientific personnel.