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Aerospace History

The Encyclopedia Astronautica - the ultimate space history database

NASA History Office

Online Air Defense Radar Museum - how the US dealt with the aerial threat

Sven Grahn's Space History Site - admire the work of a consummate professional


Intelligence History

CIA Electronic Reading Room - and ye shall know the truth, and [- six words redacted -]


Federation of American Scientists


1950s Culture

The Institute of Official Cheer - the 1950s were a strange time all around

CONELRAD - graveyard whistling from the "duck and cover" era belies seriously interesting research

Thomas Hine - the author of "Populuxe," a fascinating survey of the images and meanings of '50s consumer culture



Project 1947 - the ultimate source of research documentation on the crucial birth year of the modern UFO phenomenon

Database of 1947 "UFO crashes" - what does this imply?

The Black Vault - young Mr Greenewald doesn't know what he has

The Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) - Dr Hynek's legacy

The Computer UFO Network (CUFON) - excellent compilation of declassified documents

The Condon Report Online - flawed and contradictory as it is, still a vaulable historical document

Michigan UFOs

NICAP - One of the oldest civilian UFO research organizations. The site contains a wealth of priceless case files

The *U* UFO Database - Larry Hatch's monumental ongoing project