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Credits and Notes


This site is the work of an amateur aerospace history enthusiast, not a formally-trained expert. That's precisely how authoritative it is. It relies heavily on documents unearthed through the dogged research of a worldwide group of experienced UFO historians, particularly those involved with Jan Aldrich's Project 1947 and the Sign Oral History Project. The sheer quantity of declassified archival documents Jan and his associates have acquired is staggering, and probably is worth hundreds of worker-years of study. Thanks, Jan.

Other members of the UFO history community who should be given much-deserved credit for their hard work and reasoned analysis of these documents include FOIA expert extraordinaire Robert Todd and noted researcher Barry Greenwood. Wendy Connors has been an invaluable source of information, documentation, illustrations and general support. Mary Castner, CUFOS's webmistress, is a human dynamo with precision-guided document retrieval capability and a curious streak a mile wide. Brad Sparks has provided a steady stream of insightful commentary and analysis that has been of tremendous help during the assembly of the structure of this website. Many others in the UFO community have given valuable support, encouragement, data and comments, and their help is greatly appreciated.

On the mainstream aerospace history side, the assistance of a number of individuals who have my highest respect should be acknowledged - but I'm reluctant to name names, since few of them would want to be associated with UFOs in any way. But to those reading this who provided documents or helpful comments: thanks and sincere appreciation.

Special mention should go to one of the most prolific, yet unrecognized figures in the UFO history field - the amazing Loren Gross. Without seeking fame or financial gain, Loren has assembled almost unbelievable amounts of documentation into day-by-day chronologies of UFO-related events. Comprehensive, accurate and fascinating, Gross's eye-opening monographs should be required reading for aerospace historians as well as anyone interested in UFO history. Loren's example is the fire that lit this particular spark.

It should be stressed that the points and theories presented in the site in no way necessarily reflect the opinions of persons mentioned above. Conclusions and mistakes are products of both my interests and my limitations.

JC >> 3.2003