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Artificial meteor (arrow) streaks from shaped charge at White Sands, Dec 16, 1946. Right, the brilliant, insufferable Dr Fritz Zwicky


Zwicky's Artificial Meteor Experiments

(reproduced with kind permission of PASP)

Other organizations considered the concept as well. Project RAND report RA-15004 on artificial meteor and "comet" warhead for V-2, dated September 1946


As will be seen in the post-experiment article below (highlight, page 32), Lincoln LaPaz was a member of the tracking project set up to observe Zwicky's test.


The 18-inch Schmidt telescope at Mt Palomar that was part of the tracking network for the meteor experiment (Palomar Observatory)


White Sands Proving Grounds commander Lt Col Harold Turner, US Army (left) at V-2 launch control panel (NASM)


Lt Col Turner loads M-7 rifle grenades into V-2 warhead before 17 Dec 1946 launch (NASM). Right, standard US Army rifle grenade (practice model)