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Genesis of the Avro Saucers



Frank Whittle during WWII


The Whittle Unit of April 1937

W1, used in first British jet aircraft, the E28/39

W2B, the basis for the engine used in the first American jet, the Bell P-59A Airacomet


Schematic diagram of airflow through the reverse-flow Whittle engine. Air enters either side of the centrifugal compressor (blue), flows back into combustion chambers, reverses direction as it enters the burner cans and mixes with burning fuel, makes another 180 degree turn, and expands through turbine (red) before exiting the exhaust nozzle. While passing through the engine, the airflow was required to make at two 90 degree turns and two 180 degree turns.



John Carver Meadows Frost

Test Rig